Sick Plus Japanese Grand Prix Review

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Apologies for not doing a Japanese Grand Prix Review until now. And unfortunately this time it won’t be a video review either. I’ve been really sick with the flu (hopefully not swine flu! ;) ) but it’ll be back to business as normal for the Brazilian Grand Prix.

First up, what was with all the accidents in qualifying!? I’ve never seen a qualifying session like that before and I don’t remember Suzuka being that dangerous the last time F1 raced there. Real shame about Timo Glock in particular – just as he was starting to shine :(

Quick points that stood out from the race:

Sebastian Vettel – A champion’s drive. Shame he probably won’t be champion – not this year anyway ;) I say give it to both him and Jenson! They’ve both deserved it as much as each other at different points in the season :)

Jenson Button – After a great drive in Singapore this performance was very disappointing. Kind of sums up the 2nd half of the year for Jenson.

Jarno Trulli – Great job from Jarno and Toyota. One wonders what would have been if Glock was able to race too. Let’s hope Toyota can continue the momentum into next year.

Lewis Hamilton – Another good race from the Englishman. Some championship-winning consistency there. If only McLaren didn’t have such a poor start to the season…

Heikki Kovalainen – Very surprised he didn’t get penalised for completely screwing Adrian Sutil’s race up. Sutil made the cleanest pass possible then Heikki just straight out punts him off. I’d be surprised to see him at McLaren next year.

Kimi Raikkonen – Like Lewis, Kimi is getting some good consistent results.

Nico Rosberg – Can’t wait to see him in a (hopefully) better car next year.

Fernando Alonso – First race in a long while where he’s completely not been a factor.

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Video: 2009 Singapore Grand Prix Review

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Singapore Track – Love the F1 cars under lights! :)

Lewis Hamilton – Dominated the race. Doubt Vettel could have touched him even without the problems.

Timo Glock – Such a shock. On minute Toyota are at the back of the pack, then one or two races later they’re front-runners.

Fernando Alonso – Solid. Seemed very cold toward Lewis after the race. Next year should be interesting :)

Sebastian Vettel – It was nice seeing him push and dreaming there might be a fight for first place in the race, but the reality was the Red Bull cars weren’t up to it and speeding in pits didn’t help.

Jenson Button – Really good drive from the would-be champion! Started the race a bit so-so but then did a string of good laps and outdrove Barrichello.

Rubens Barrichello – Just when you thought the momentum was going Rubens’ way he faltered a bit in this race.

Romain Grosjean – The guy spins off in practice in exactly the same place Nelson Piquet Jr crashed last year to alledgedly help Alonso win the race. Now that’s irony! :)

Ferrari – Bit weak all round..

Video: Lewis Talks about Monza Crash

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The New Look Fun F1

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We’ve been promising it for a while, but we’ve finally updated the look of the web site. Sure, it’s based on a free theme, but it looks a hell of a lot better than the last one and hopefully you all find it nice and clean and easy on the eyes :)

We’ve also tried to minimise the impact of advertising on the site and make it a bit more tightly integrated.

One thing we’re looking at doing is bringing more video to the site.

Let us know what you think and we’ll try to make the site exactly how you like it.

Thanks :)

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Kanye West’s View on Nelson Piquet Jr Crash

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After ruining Taylor Swift’s moment at the Video Music Awards, Kanye West gave his thoughts on the whole Renault situation including Nelson Piquet Jr and Flavio Briatore…

Kanye West Nelson Piquet Jr Singapore 2008 Crash Renault

Kanye West Flavio Briatore Singapore 2008 Crash

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